On the Red Line

How the Red Line fits in the overall MBTA Route Map… (MBTA  2011, by permission of MBTA)

2011_SPIDER MAP_combo

All visitations were experienced by Red Line passengers between Davis Square and South Station.

RedLineMap_1Aug2011Red Line Schedule (from Preface: Ghosts on the Red Line)

A Red Line train departs Alewife Station every nine minutes during the commuter rush hours and every eleven to thirteen minutes during other times of the day and evening, until the last train completes its run shortly after midnight.

From Alewife, the subway terminus where the City of Cambridge borders the western suburbs, it journeys 17.6 miles inbound through Cambridge, across the Charles River into Boston, through Boston, and down to the Town of Braintree. Meanwhile, another Red Line train leaves Braintree for Boston and Cambridge, terminating at Alewife.

Red Line passengers can change in Boston for the Green, Orange, Silver, or Blue lines. These five color-denominated subway lines, along with buses, commuter trains, and ferries, are kept in sync by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, or MBTA, known locally as the T, subject to inclement weather, accidents, equipment failures, signal malfunctions, traffic, driver errors, computer glitches, and passenger emergencies.

Over 240,000 passengers ride the Red Line every weekday.

Poster on Red Line trains, November 2011- January 2012